Dustin Hoffman is convinced he would have lived his life as a jazz pianist if his acting career hadn't taken off with The Graduate.
The movie great still thinks pal Mike Nichols was playing a joke on the world when he cast Hoffman as his lead in the cult movie.
And the actor feels sure that he would have continued as a theatre hopeful until jazz came calling.
He tells WENN, "I really wanted to be a jazz pianist... Acting was just a way to fail with a little more ease and not have my lack of talent show so much as it did on piano. I just had this freak accident happen, called Mike Nichols."
And he reveals he's had a little success with his second career: "I actually wrote a composition we used for my new movie, Last Chance Harvey, when I was in my 20s and my first girlfriend left me for my acting teacher. It's called Shoot The Breeze.
"Bette Midler wrote the lyrics and sang it once and Sting has sung it."