Dustin Hoffman enjoyed working with his LAST CHANCE HARVEY co-star Emma Thompson - because she isn't afraid of her sexuality. The Rain Man star - who plays the actress' unlikely romantic interest in the new film - was surprised by how comfortable the 48-year-old was with portraying her sensuality in front of the cameras. He says, "Emma is just wonderful. She's not afraid to get naked and doesn't define her sexuality by kind of outside requirements. It's interesting (because) for years we've seen this thing with anorexia, with models looking almost like creepy boys." And the 70-year-old insists that he isn't intimidated by such assertiveness - because he loves being in the company of intelligent women. He adds, "I really think I'm one of the few men who can proudly say I love being around women who are brighter than I am because my wife is and I feel comfortable with that."