Movie star Dustin Hoffman has spoken of the moment he turned hero last summer (04) by helping to save a woman's life after she was stung by a bee.

THE GRADUATE star recognised the allergic woman's problem as friends carried her up an unnamed beach towards him because his wife LISA is allergic to bee stings - and he dashed to help.

He says, "My wife had her kit with her and I yelled, 'Come up, come up,' and I yelled for my wife. I knew that minutes count.

"My wife brought the kit down and she took it and I said, 'Do you want me to jab you? You're supposed to jab it in the leg,' and she said, 'No, I'll do it,' but she couldn't do it.

"Then she squirted it before she did it and then I had to re-do it for her. Anyway, it worked.

"As soon as she has her first consciousness that she's not going to die she says, 'Oh s**t, I didn't shave my legs and I'm here with Dustin Hoffman.'"

But things started getting weird as the woman started to recover - and realised she grew up in the house Hoffman's daughter was now living in.

05/01/2005 09:09