Dustin Hoffman envies fellow actor Jack Nicholson - because he has managed to maintain a steady career into old age. Hoffman, 70, has had to settle for supporting movie parts after struggling to land leading roles, while the As Good As It Gets actor has continued to star in movie after movie - even playing the unlikely romantic interest for some younger female characters. And The Graduate star is jealous of Nicholson's luck. Hoffman says, "He's miraculous in that sense. He seems to work more often and has somehow been able to maintain his ability to get leading roles. "Within a year, we all turned 70 - Robert Redford, Warren Beatty, Nicholson and myself. And Nicholson is the only one of us who has somehow been able to maintain it and even he went through a bad patch. I remember bumping into him in London one time and he said, 'I made six movies in a year and they're all turkeys.'"