Hollywood legend Dustin Hoffman has shrugged off suggestions he is a 'difficult' actor to work with.

THE GRADUATE star was lambasted by TOOTSIE director Sydney Pollack, who famously offered to return the OSCAR he won for the film if he could erase the memory of working with Hoffman. But the 66-year old star insists that the claims are greatly exaggerated.

He says, "We did have terrible fights on Tootsie. But I honestly don't know if I'm difficult. I've done about 35 movies and only four of them were really difficult experiences.

"I remember reading how Tom Cruise and I were two big egos holding up shooting on Rain Man. I know that isn't true but if I just picked up the paper, I'd believe it.

"That's interesting isn't it? But then it's like the fact that a lot of actors took as many drugs as Jack Nicholson did in the Seventies. And WARREN BEATTY was no more promiscuous than a lot of us during those days."

21/08/2003 17:11