Dustin Hoffman has blasted US President George W Bush's Republican Party for manipulating the terrorist threat to undermine John Kerry's opposition campaign.

The Meet The Fockers legend - who remains disgusted by America's feeble attempt to tighten up security forces following the September 11 (01) atrocities - has accused Bush of duping voters into backing him in last November's (04) election by falsely warning America of imminent attacks.

The 67-year-old says, "Wasn't the Republican's campaign masterful, by the way? They knew their stuff. They knew the hot points. Funny how during the campaign there was all that business with 'Yellow Alert today, Red Alert today'...

"Funny that we don't have those any more. But it planted the notion that if you vote for John Kerry, we'll get hit, no question. They're coming at us and only Bush can stop them.

"From whatever slim understanding I have on it, the World Trade Center happened not because of the expertise of the terrorists, but because of complete incompetence on the side of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation).

"They didn't speak to each other. These guys were taking flying lessons, saying, 'We don't have to know how to land'. I mean, my God!"

30/01/2005 10:29