Dustin Hoffman blames actor Robert Duvall for striking out with the women he met in his twenties - because the actor embarrassed him with his naked antics.
Hoffman admits he struggled to charm women into bed as a young man - but having Duvall as a roommate never helped him get a second date.
He says, "We lived on 22nd street between ninth and 10th and I finally got lucky one night. The girl stayed all night, we get up in the morning, we take a shower, and the next think I know, it's Bob Duvall.
"He got home and said, 'Hey Dustin,' he came into the bathroom and I said, 'Bob, I'm busy here,' and he said, 'Who've you got in there with you?'
"He took off all his clothes, got in the shower with us, and looked at her and said, 'Hi, I'm Bob Duvall'."