Dustin Hoffman will return to the 'Meet The Parents' franchise.

The actor had previously turned down the opportunity to reprise the role as Bernie Focker in 'Meet The Parents: Little Fockers', but he decided to appear a limited number of scenes when Universal decided reshoots were needed.

Some scenes in the movie - which stars Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro - will see Dustin star alongside his on-screen wife Barbara Streisand, who plays Rozalin Focker.

He will also appear in one of the final scenes of the movie alongside all of the major characters.

Universal were unable to reach a deal with him initially, and according to a movie insider, it is costing the studio a similar amount to get him on board despite his role being smaller.

The source told Deadline.com: "It's costing what we were going to pay him in the first place."

'Meet The Parents: Little Fockers' - the third movie in the comedy series - is due for release in December.