Actor Dustin Hoffman is so impressed with the life story of British chef Jamie Oliver, he wants to make a movie about him.

The OSCAR-winning RAIN MAN star met with the kitchen maestro on American TV show TODAY yesterday morning (16OCT03), where he - along with hosts KATIE COURIC, Matt Lauer and ANN CURRY - learned how to make dessert favourite pavlova.

And in the midst of making a playful mess in the studio kitchen, Hoffman spoke about his own personal chef at his New York home, telling Oliver, "He read your book three years ago and he told me that you'd make a great film, but I think somebody got the rights. Who's gonna play you?"

Although Oliver claimed to have no knowledge of how the deal was progressing, the exchange prompted an excited Couric to quip, "This is like a business deal going on here - this is exciting."

17/10/2003 02:19