Dustin Hoffman was paid $7.5 million for just five days work.

The Oscar-winning actor was asked to re-shoot some of his scenes for comedy movie 'Little Fockers' and was able to negotiate a huge pay deal with distributors Universal Studios.

A source told The New York Post newspaper: "Universal decided on a re-shoot at the last minute, and Hoffman's character was needed for some new scenes. They couldn't originally agree on terms with Hoffman, so for the reshoot he could basically name his price - which was $7.5 million for five days' work."

In the film - which is the third instalment of the 'Meet The Parents' comedy franchise - Dustin plays Ben Stiller's character Greg Focker's father Bernie Focker.

The 73-year-old screen star was able to get the huge salary because other stars in the comedy were paid millions for their roles.

Ben and Robert De Niro - who plays Greg's retired CIA agent father-in-law Jack Byrnes - were said to have received $20 million each, while Owen Wilson and Barbara Streisand were able to negotiate salaries of $7 million with Jessica Alba receiving a $3 million payday.

Although the film has been panned by critics, it topped the US box office after its release in December and has taken over $130 million worldwide.