Former SAVED BY THE BELL star Dustin Diamond has been plagued with problems since moving from California to Wisconsin - the police have been called to his house six times in six weeks.

The actor, who played classroom nerd SCREECH in the hit '90s show, has moved to Port Washington for what he'd hoped would be a quieter life. But in the six weeks he's been there, he's been plagued with over-zealous fans.

On incident report lists a car which stopped by his driveway at 2 am on 20 July (03).

The officer wrote, "A voice yelled out: 'Screeeeech, we're going to get you. Kick your a**! Kick your a**!'"

Just days later, local police caught two youths peering through Diamond's windows.

Then, on 11 August (03), 26-year-old Diamond called the law enforcers to report intruders in his garage. The "pink hairless babies" which the actor described turned out to be baby mice.

15/09/2003 09:22