The former Saved by the Bell star recently appeared on the state's Department of Revenue website for delinquent taxpayers. It is unclear if the actor has been notified about the back taxes and if he is taking action to pay the alleged forgotten funds.

The tax reports come a month after he was arrested in May (16), and taken in to custody in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin after breaking the terms of his probation for charges relating to a bar brawl back in December, 2014.

The violation, which was not disclosed at the time, occurred almost six weeks after he was released from prison in April (16). Diamond served three months of a four-month sentence for carrying a concealed weapon and disorderly conduct.

After records from the Wisconsin Department of Corrections were released, it was revealed Diamond was punished after a urine test, submitted in May at his probation agent's office, tested positive for oxycodone.

The actor claimed he took the prescription drug for a toothache, but was jailed and released two days later.