Duran Duran rocker Simon Le Bon is giving up vodka and "chasing after dirty women" backstage - so fans get the best performances possible.

The ORDINARY WORLD singer is concerned his old wild behaviour plays havoc on his voice when the band hit the stage.

Simon - who is married to model YASMIN LE BON - says, "We can get wild on stage, we can get wild where it counts. One of the things we've learned as we have progressed is how to use our energy. That's the really big deal.

"We do the things that make the show better, rather than make the show worse, like staying up all night drinking and chasing after dirty women. That really makes a huge difference to how you come off on stage.

"I do a vocal cool down and then it's pretty much business as usual.

"Get as many girls in the dressing room as possible and pick the prettiest looking ones and then make a complete fool of yourself. Yasmin usually is the prettiest one in the room."

11/11/2003 17:13