Duran Duran star NICK RHODES has a renewed confidence in the future of the flamboyant Eighties pop band, insisting superproducer Mark Ronson has breathed new life into their music to last for at least another decade.
The Rio hitmakers teamed up with Ronson after their last album, Red Carpet Massacre, failed to set the charts alight in 2007.
Rhodes admits he was ready to step away from the spotlight before they completed their new record, All You Need Is Now, because he couldn't see himself performing the same old sounds over and over again for years to come.
But the keyboardist has now had a change of heart and he's sure they'll follow in the Rolling Stones' footsteps and keep on rocking into old age.
He tells the New York Post, "If you asked me in 2000 if we'd be performing 10 years later, I'd have said no. But on the strength of the new album I think we'll still be at it in another 10.
"I mean, the Stones have set the bar and they still look pretty good as a unit."