Duran Duran singer Simon Le Bon is a Wild Boy at heart - he knocked out a motorist during a vicious street fight in the South of France.
The clean-cut Rio hitmaker was enjoying a stroll in St Tropez in 2002 when a scooter rider almost collided with him, sending Le Bon into a fury.
The mystery man confronted the pop star and they traded blows - and Le Bon admits the sight of him scuffling in a street must have been "comical" for any onlookers.
He tells rock magazine Q, "It was quite nasty, but very exciting too. I was in St Tropez and a little the worse for wear. This bloke drove his scooter right at me, so I nudged him as he went by. Afterwards I realised he wanted a fight, so I hit him. Then he hit me.
"We ended up knocking each other out cold. It must have been quite comical for anyone watching."