Rockers Duran Duran were forced to halt a recent concert in France - after a fan lost her jewellery.
The band was playing a gig at the Louvre art museum in Paris in June (08) when an elderly fan pleaded, "Stop the show! Someone has lost a diamond!"
But bassist John Taylor now regrets giving in to the woman's request - because he fears the incident proves the band has become too commercial.
He writes on the Duran Duran's official website: "We have done a lot of work for the rich and famous this year. We seem to be one of the 'go-to' bands to bop to, whilst shaking your diamond earrings.
"After we had finished playing Hungry Like The Wolf at The Louvre a sprightly (actress) Dame Peggy Ashcroft look-alike in the pit in front called out, 'Stop the show, stop the show! Someone has lost a diamond!'
"Thinking this over in bed last night I was worrying myself, that we might be losing credibility with 'the people'. I have always considered Duran a people's band, despite what the press has made of us over the years."