LATEST: Duran Duran's reunion tour has been put to the ultimate test after guitarist Andy Taylor left his bandmates to tour America without him.

The rocker was forced to head back home to Britain when his father was taken ill last week (ends18MAR05), and bandmate John Taylor admits his decision to walk out couldn't have come at a worse time.

He says, "(There were) some very heavy discussions, actually, and tables were thrown.

"The decision was made to continue with the tour and we felt that we had a momentum because it's not just about the shows, it's about the (radio) station tie-ins. And you have people who have made plans to travel from all over the country.

"We all knew that we were sacrificing something and Andy wanted us to go on and I'm fairly sure he'll be back with us."

The group have replaced Taylor with session musician DOMINIC BROWN. Taylor is expected to rejoin the tour next week (beg28MAR05).

26/03/2005 01:28