Duran Duran have opened up about problems they suffered making their Red Carpet Massacre album, insisting the "whole project" turned into a "nightmare" after label bosses forced them to re-work the record with Timbaland.
The musicians have revealed executives at Sony Records weren't happy when they turned in the 2007 record, and asked them to go back to the studio to work on more tracks with the superproducer.
Drummer Roger Taylor admits they all struggled with the problematic sessions, telling Thequietus.com, "That whole project was a f**king nightmare. We delivered an album to Sony that was a natural-sounding, almost rock album, and they were like 'We need something a bit pop, do you fancy doing a couple of tracks with Timbaland?'"
Nick Rhodes adds, "We got an opportunity to work with Timbaland, so we thought 'Great, let's go for it'. We knew it was a risk in terms of what the fans would like, if you're working with someone who is ostensibly an electro/hip hop producer. When Timbaland saw the guitar and the bass and the drums come in to the studio, I think he was mortified, because everything's in a box for those guys."
The album scraped into the U.K. charts at number 44 and the band parted ways with their record label in 2009, but frontman Simon Le Bon admits they learned from their mistake: "I do think Red Carpet Massacre was a bit of a personality issue. We thought we could make an urban album and our fans would like it... but our fans left us in no doubt about their response to that album... I felt we'd gone so far out with Timbaland and we lost our way."