Duran Duran rocker Andy Taylor once feared bandmate John Taylor would bleed to death after falling on a broken bottle during a drugs binge.
The band was staying in a hotel in San Francisco in 1984, when John Taylor trampled on smashed vodka bottle.
Andy Taylor recalls, "There was also a broken, bloodsmeared bottle of vodka on the floor. I couldn't get any sense out of John, but then I saw where all the blood was coming from. The soft underside of his foot was covered in a mass of cuts, which seemed to have shards of glass sticking out of them.
"I kept thinking: 'F**k, please don't let him bleed to death.'
"The incident was down-played in the media, but John's foot was a real mess and I think he needed 42 stitches. Believe me, this was not a minor incident - taking cocaine, getting drunk and dancing on vodka bottles is not a good combination."
But Taylor says his pal made a quick recovery - and was back performing onstage the next day.
He adds, "I knew John would be lucky to walk any time soon, let alone run up and down on stage - and we were due to perform the next day.
"Forty minutes later, John was back in his room. When I replay it in my mind it's like watching a Quentin Tarantino movie."