Duran Duran were once trapped in New York's iconic Times Square for hours - because police closed the area to control their screaming fans.
The band was playing a gig at The Video Shack in their 1980s heyday and their loyal devotees swarmed the site hoping to catch a glimpse of their idols.
Cops were called to control the crowd - and Duran Duran were unable to leave until their fans calmed down.
Speaking during a TV special in Britain documenting their lengthy career, Simon Le Bon recalls, "We had an appearance at a place called The Video Shack in New York City and they had to have mounted police to control the crowds because there were so many people there. So crazy."
Bandmate Nick Rhodes adds, "All I remember is all these faces pressed up against the window. They seemed really high because they were all on top of each other's shoulders and it got so bad that they closed off Times Square.
"We were stuck in there for hours, we couldn't get out."