Duologue Announce New Album 'Never Get Lost' Out  September 9th, 2014 Plus Free Download 'Forest' [Listen]

Duologue Announce New Album 'Never Get Lost' Out September 9th, 2014 Plus Free Download 'Forest' [Listen]

Duologue are very pleased to announce details of their forthcoming second album and a free download.
The London band release Never Get Lost on September 9th, 2014. It arrives alongside a new single, "Drag & Drop," released on the same date.
To coincide with the album's announcement, Duologue have made new track "Forest" free to download from their official website.
Download: Duologue - 'Forest' - HERE

Never Get Lost was written, recorded and produced by the band themselves in London, New York and Kent. The band co-mixed the record with Ian Dowling (Jungle/Cloud Control).
This new record finds the quintet in uncompromising form, building ambitiously on their brooding electronic sound from 2013's Song & Dance LP, and nurturing it into somewhere that references their broad range of influences, but finding them come together in a unique and unexpected place. The band released a much blogged about EP Memex in Spring of 2014.
Partly written in New York, there's a distinctly modern vitality that flows throughout the otherwise dreamy darkness of Never Get Lost.
'We wanted to write an album about a person's struggle in the digital age and the changing landscape of relationships, to explore the concept of being alone together in a curious kind of public solitude. The album is a reflection on that anxiety but also a search for some meaning and solace within it'
Never Get Lost is a record that best portrays Duologue - an expressive, melodic guitar band with glitchy electronica at their heart and soul. It defies categorization or genre, without being alien.

Never Get Lost Tracklisting:
1. Memex
2. Correctress
3. Forests
4. Sibling
5. Traps
6. All Night Shows
7. This is Happening
8. Drag & Drop
9. Departures
10. Parts of the Blame