BLUE singer Duncan James has hit out at reports the British boyband are planning to split for good.

Rumours of the ALL RISE hitmakers' demise have been fuelled in recent months by a plans for a Greatest Hits album; James recording his first solo material; and comments by Irish pop mogul LOUIE WALSH who claimed the fourpiece would split next year (05).

But the hunky singer insists they are not yet ready to go their own way: "It's definitely not the end of Blue. We've got a tour coming out next year (MAR/APR05).

"It is going to be a bit of a farewell tour in the sense that we're going to be off the scene as Blue, as all four of us, for a year.

"In that year we're going to work on solo stuff. But also we're going to work on doing another album.

"Me and the boys get on really, really well, there's no problem in the camp there. The problem I think is that we really want to have a go at other stuff."

17/09/2004 17:18