BLUE star Duncan James has sympathy for his bandmate Lee Ryan over his drink driving conviction - because he's done exactly the same thing himself.

Ryan, 20, was banned from driving for 18 months in August (03) after he was stopped for cutting up a police car at 4am whilst driving his PORSCHE in London, and was found to be nearly twice over the legal alcohol limit.

However, James, 24, believes it's a mistake everyone has made - including himself.

He says, "He didn't realise he was over the limit. It's typical of that age. I did it at that age. I had a couple of drinks and if I'd been pulled over I would have been over the limit.

"Everybody does it. You think you're perfectly fine to drive, but you are still over the limit.

"We all make mistakes and Lee's not perfect. He has learned his lesson by getting caught and losing his licence. It's up to me to stand by him and support him."

02/12/2003 13:34