BLUE star Duncan James attended the premiere of Pirates Of The Caribbean: CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL on Monday night (14JUL03) for one reason only - to catch a glimpse of his "perfect" woman, actress Keira Knightley.

James arrived at the London bash with his stunning South African girlfriend JANINE BOSIE, but that didn't stop the ALL RISE star leching over the pretty British actress - who stars alongside Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom in the action adventure.

He said of the 20-year-old beauty, "She's perfect. She's the reason I came - she is well fit."

But when Keira was informed of the singer's interest in her, she embarrassingly responded, "Duncan who? I've never heard of him."

And when a fellow reveller pointed him out to her, she delivered the ultimate blow to his chances of a romance by saying, "I can confidently say he is definitely not my type."

16/07/2003 17:32