Dukes Of Hazzard star John Schneider is appealing for the safe return of two puppies stolen with his car from a California shopping mall.
The Yorkiepoo and Yorkshire Terrier - which Schneider planned to give to his children for Christmas - were in the back of the Cadillac Escalade when it was snatched from Sherman Oaks' Fashion Square Mall.
The car was later recovered, without the dogs - prompting Schneider, who played heartthrob Bo Duke in the 1980s show, to appear on a Los Angeles radio show to plead for the 10-week-old pooches' safe return.
He told KIIS FM DJ Valentine on Wednesday (10Dec08), "I understand what's going on in the economy and I understand that… Nobody stole the car because the dogs were in it. If you have been given the gift of two little puppies or even one of our puppies - if you've been given the gift out of nowhere… Those puppies really belong to (my children).
"I'd very much like for you to consider doing the right thing and getting in touch with Valentine, getting in touch with the shelter and getting those puppies back in the Christmas home that they belong in.
"I'm not mad, I'm not gonna point a finger, I'm not gonna tell a tale. I would just like to have our puppies back for Christmas."
Schneider, who most recently starred in Superman TV show Smallville, added: "Superman's dad would very much like to get his puppies back."