Duke Special

Duke Special


Duke Special is soon to release a new single 'Portrait' & his stunning new album 'Songs From The Deep Forest' on V2, October 9th. Check out this short film of Duke Special AKA the tirelessly inventive Peter Wilson for a little insight in to all things Special.

A fervent performer who harks back to the pre-rock 'n roll era with dashes of Gershwin and orchestral swing, Duke Special - AKA the tirelessly inventive Peter Wilson - releases his To celebrate, he'll play three live London shows with his equally talented and accomplished band.

A tour de force on vinyl, he's equally vibrant on stage. Often joined by a small collective of eccentric musicians - Temperance Society Chip Bailey (drums /percussion), Councillor Réa Curran (trumpet/ harmonium) and Morris-Dancing Ben Hales (guitar/backing vocals) - the performance easily matches the music for sheer grandeur and individuality.

An accomplished performer, Duke has toured with a host of artists including Rufus Wainwright and Van Morrison – one of Duke's biggest influences. "My sound is a bit vagabondy, but pure and soulful too," he explains. "What I'm trying to put across is something that's more than just a singer-songwriter playing an instrument."

The eagerly anticipated new LP 'Songs From The Deep Forest' is out on October 9th. The LP's first single 'Portrait' is released August 7th.

Check out Duke Special live:


31st LONDON, Water Rats


1st LONDON, Enterprise

3rd LONDON, Windmill

Watch the video for Portrait

Official Site - http://www.dukespecial.com