Duke Dumont Shares 'For Club Play Only Vol. Iii' Full Ep Stream [Listen]

Duke Dumont Shares 'For Club Play Only Vol. Iii' Full Ep Stream [Listen]

Marking its release today, producer and artist Duke Dumont shares a stream of his new EP For Club Play Only Vol. III for Tiga's Turbo Recordings, available to listen to in full via Soundcloud.

For Club Play Only Vol. III is the third instalment of Duke's club and DJ-oriented 12" releases for the label, which have previously introduced Duke Dumont classics such as 'The Giver and 'Street Walker'.

The prodigal DUKE returns to Turbo triumphant after two UK #1 singles in 'Need U (100%)' and 'I Got U'.
Getting a number one single is an extraordinary achievement. Getting two is a whole other level. Even KLF, who literally wrote the book on how to write a #1 hit (The Manual) only managed to do it once. Duke Dumont's talent was first recognized in 2007 when Tiga signed his Regality EP, and further developed through the mentorship of Switch, but for years he seemed destined to stay under-the-radar, another brilliant artist toiling in relative obscurity, his fantastic remixes working wonders on dance-floors while his name was a footnote to the success of bigger names.
All that started to change in 2012 with For Club Play Only vol I & II on Turbo, with 'Street Walker' getting a swell of underground support and 'The Giver' following up as one of the crossover club hits of the year. His follow-up launch of the Blasé Boys Club label with the #1 hit 'Need U (100%)' propelled him to instant stardom, and incredibly he managed to follow-up in rapid fire with interim single 'Hold On' and then a second #1 in 'Got U'. It's an astonishing success story primed to continue with the forthcoming 'Won't Look Back.'
So it comes as a welcome surprise to also get this third installment of For Club Play Only, a return to stripped-down party bombs, with just enough hook to make the tracks unforgettable. 'Slow Dance' is a guaranteed floor-filler built from a killer bassline, sexy vocal sample, crisp drums and a wiggly acid outro. 'Mumble Man' is another infectious, instantly-gratifying hand-raiser. 'Nicht Vor Mitternacht' sees the Duke flexing his EDM muscles, foregoing vocals for total synth domination, designed to work with the biggest hiss cannons the world has ever seen. Bonafide stadium wrecker. Finally, 'Drumapella' is a dope DJ tool, a functional weapon to layer in the mix or leave in its sparse banging glory.
For Club Play Only Vol. III track list:
1. Nicht Vor Mitternacht
2. Slow Dance
3. Mumble Man
4. Drumapella