Welsh singer Duffy is sick of the single life - and is desperately searching for a boyfriend.
The Mercy hitmaker admits her hectic schedule doesn't give her time to focus on romance, but she remains hopeful she will eventually be able to snare herself a man.
She says, "I'm stone cold single at the moment, and it's not much fun I can tell you. I have been travelling and working so much over the last few years that I haven't had time to sleep, never mind have a boyfriend."
And Duffy fears she may have to resort to internet dating to find herself a potential mate.
She adds, "It looks like I'm going to have to sign up to that internet dating website, Mysinglefriend.com. I've got a couple of months off work now, so once I've caught up on my sleep I'm going to spend some time looking for a new man. At the moment all I have is my two cats for company. I sound like a right old woman."