Welsh soul star Duffy has vowed never to sign up for another product endorsement - weeks after her TV commercial for Diet Coke was criticised by U.K. campaigners over road safety fears.
The singer is currently promoting the low-calorie beverage in a European advertising campaign, in which she is seen riding a bicycle through dark streets without a helmet or reflective gear.
Duffy came under fire for the promo after it debuted last month (Feb09), with officials at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents remarking: "Unfortunately, advertisers do forget sometimes to make sure they are showing safe and legal behaviour when someone is using the road in an advert."
And now the star has pledged not to market any other brands, claiming she wants to focus solely on her music instead.
She says, "I have only got 100 per cent to give and all of that goes towards being creative, so I can't really open the doors to all the other things.
"I have so many desires creatively, but I have to tread carefully that I also don't sell myself out personally.
"What you see with me is what you get. I just put my whole energy into the creative side."