Welsh soul singer Duffy is set to turn her back on her trademark retro sound - and channel that of pop stars Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey, according to reports.The 24-year-old's 2008 debut album Rockferry was filled with soulful ditties, prompting critics to compare her to 1960s icon Dusty Springfield.
But now the star is ready for a change of direction - and wants to emulate Carey and Aguilera's more poppy sound, reports Britain's Daily Star.
A source tells the publication, "Duffy and the team around her are very aware at how successful she has been by channelling the '60s vibe, but they are already starting to think about album number two.
"She is keen to explore a Mariah (Carey) or Christina Aguilera style of album. On the next record Duffy can afford to be a bit more experimental now that she is assured her position as a singing force to be reckoned with."