Duffy had never been on a date until she was 24.

The 'Well, Well, Well' singer - who has been in a relationship with 28-year-old rugby player Mike Phillips since September 2009 - admits she was so nervous about her first night out with the sportsman, she drank too much alcohol in a bid to ease her fears.

She said: "He asked me out on a date and we met by the river in Chiswick, South London. We didn't eat any of our food the whole time. I was so nervous.

"But we got a little bit drunk to ease the nerves. I never go on dates. I've never been on one in my life. When we were kids we used to kiss the boys from school so you didn't go on a date with someone you knew.

"Where were they gonna take me anyway, to the local chippy?"

Duffy , 26, is delighted to be in a committed relationship with Mike, as she previously romanced some "idiots", including Mark Durston, who claimed she wrote her first album 'Rockferry' about him.

She told Britain's Marie Claire magazine: "I had a few other relationships but all of them were gracious enough not to come forward. So what does that tell you about him? It's not a great character reference for someone.

"There are streams of idiots that I have loved and lost but now Mike is the guy for me."