Welsh soul star Duffy has branded punk rocker John Lydon "horrible" after he attacked her at this year's (08) Mojo Awards.
Duffy was collecting a gong for Song of the Year at the London event in June (08) when the Sex Pistols frontman - also known as Johnny Rotten - pinned her against a wall.
She recalls, "He'd been heckling me when I went to pick up an award, shouting 'Duffo', 'Up the Duffy', things like that - nice!
"When I picked up the award, I had to walk past him so I went to say 'Hi' and suddenly he had me pinned against the wall. I just went white and had to get away.
"I just had to leave the building through the back door, it was horrible. I went home with a heavy heart and an award."
But the singer admits she has forgiven Lydon for his behaviour.
She adds, "I'm not a person to hold a grudge. The only reason you become strong is because of the things you experience in life."