VELVET REVOLVER stars Duff Mckagan and Slash were unconcerned with singer Scott Weiland's drug problems - because their own past addictions were "ten times worse".

The former GUNS N' ROSES stars freely admit they became dangerously emerged in drug culture when they were in the seminal rock band, so were relaxed when their new band's singer had to go to both court and rehabilitation over his long-running addictions.

McKagan says, "He's one of the fellas. A lot of people freaked out that we got a singer with a drug problem. Really, Slash and I, our problems were ten times worse!"

The bassist adds that Weiland is committed to now staying clean after his last batch of treatment, and having him in his band is far better than working with his former lead singer, Axl Rose.

He laughs, "Scott's a piece of cake compared to Axl!"

20/05/2004 13:54