Rocker Duff Mckagan left his Seattle hometown to escape the heroin epidemic crippling the Washington city's music scene - only to become a hard drink and drug abuser with GUNS N' ROSES in Los Angeles.

The bassist joined the mega-successful PARADISE CITY group soon after he arrived in LA in the mid-1980s, and quickly discovered his bandmates' hedonistic behaviour was the most extreme he'd ever encountered.

And it wasn't long before McKagan's own penchant for alcohol and narcotics took a serious turn for the worse.

McKagan, now playing in Velvet Revolver, says, "There was a lot of heroin in Seattle in the 1980s and I had to get away from that, so I moved to LA.

"I was really at the top of my game in Seattle, and there were a few people who told me, 'If you don't get out now, you'll never get out.'

"I left and went to Hollywood and got into a whole new set of troubles."

22/03/2005 09:11