Rockers Duff Mckagan and Slash would go back to playing with Axl Rose before reteaming with former Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland.
The duo are still looking for Weiland's replacement a year after sacking the singer following a much-publicised bust-up - but there's no way they'd consider recalling the rock star and trying to work through their differences.
MCKagan and Slash would rather reconcile with their hot-headed former Guns N' Roses frontman, Rose, first - despite the fact that their fall-out with the singer remains one of the rock world's most legendary.
Bassist MCKagan insists he and Slash would work with Rose again if they had to pick between the two temperamental singers.
MCKagan says, "Some bad s**t happened at the end of the last Velvet Revolver tour. It was brutal.
"There were late gigs... I just wanted it to be over."