Duff Mckagan hopes his bandmates in supergroup Velvet Revolver reconsider inviting Slipknot star Corey Taylor to become their frontman - because the bassist believes the masked rocker is the best singer of his generation.
MCKagan worked with Taylor last year (11) and suggested he was the man to replace Scott Weiland in the band - but talks broke down and the group ended a fourth year without a singer.
But the bassist hasn't given up hope that Taylor will be welcomed into the Velvet Revolver family.
He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "When you're a musician you are around your peers a lot, like Slipknot and Alice In Chains… you name the band. We're all just kind of friends. The Corey thing came up.
"I think that Corey is the best singer of his age group, which is about eight years younger than me. He's the best pound-for-pound singer around and I'd like to explore that. And it still might happen one day.
"That guy is in, like, 15 bands, but he's bad a** and the real deal and it comes from the right place with him. I have nothing but cool things to say about Corey."
The band has been without a singer since Weiland was fired in April 2008.