TV star DUANE 'DOG' CHAPMAN is facing legal action from a producer on his reality show Dog the Bounty Hunter - who has accused the star of "psychotic behaviour".
Actor Boris Krutonog - Chapman's former agent - worked as an executive producer on the TV series but is now suing the show's network A+E.
He is accusing programme bosses of failing to pay his salary, cutting him out of agreed DVD royalties and creating an "intolerable and hostile workplace".
Krutonog, who is best known for his role in Star Trek: Voyager, has slammed Chapman and his wife Beth - accusing the TV network of failing to restrain the couple during "episodes of psychotic behaviour". Krutonog was eventually removed from his position for refusing to work on the show.
Legal papers filed at New York Supreme Court reveal Krutonog is seeking over $800,000 (GBP400,000) in damages as well as attorney fees.
Chapman has now responded to the allegations through his attorney Marty Singer, who tells, "It is unfortunate that Boris Krutonog, who was Dog Chapman's and Beth Chapman's former agent and manager, has made gratuitous, ridiculous and outrageous statements about his former clients. Mr. Krutonog was fired for cause more than two years ago after he refused to work on the series."