Dua Lipa has promised her second album will be ''very honest''.

The 22-year-old star - who is currently working on the follow up to her 2017 debut self-titled LP - wants to let her nearest and dearest know how much they mean to her, including boyfriend Isaac Carew.

As reported by the Daily Star newspaper, she said: ''It's still pop but it's also a lot more soulful, it's just very honest.

''The writing process has changed a bit over time but I always start with the things that have happened in my life.

''So those are the things that inspire me the most. I always feel like I have a lot to talk about. When I'm going through something I write it all down.''

Meanwhile, the 'One Kiss' hitmaker is also set to pay tribute to her parents on the record, and the influence they have had on her career.

She added: ''I was surrounded by music from a young age. My father was a musician and music was always played around the house so it just always kind of had a big impact on me.

''I think I wrote my first song when I was about five. I wrote it with my dad at home as a joke because I wrote it for my mum.

''I would go around the house and I would be like: 'When I grow up, can I have your dress? And when I grow up, can I have your shoes?''

Her comments about the upcoming record come after she insisted there needs to be a better representation of female artists amongst performers at award ceremonies, and suggested her contemporaries don't get enough recognition on the prize shortlists.

She said: ''You want to see a lot more female artists and a lot more award performances, getting nominated for a lot more awards. I feel like equality in the music industry is something that's needed a lot more.''