Dua Lipa hopes playing Reading and Leeds proves ''diversity'' is possible at festivals.

The 'One Kiss' singer is on the bill for the two sister music events this year, which take place between August 24 and August 26 at Richmond Park and Bramham Park respectively, alongside emo pop rockers Panic! At The Disco and hip-hop star Kendrick Lamar.

Whilst the 22-year-old singer is aware of the annual extravaganzas' rock history - having hosted bands such as Nirvana, Metallica and Kasabian over the years - Dua feels there is ''room'' for pop acts to bring just as ''energetic'' live shows to the festivals.

She explained: ''I totally know the legacy that Reading & Leeds have had and that in the past, it's been more of a rock festival, but when you come to do a show, there's so much energy to it and there's so much diversity to the sound, it's not just a pop show.

''I feel like there is room for diversity and I think there is room for pop artists to come and bring their best show to festivals which aren't necessarily directed in that genre.''

The 'New Rules' hitmaker says that the on-going lack of female artists being represented at festivals is down to a ''big board of directors'' who like to bring back the same ''established'' acts each year, and revealed that even she had to ''push'' to get noticed by major festival organisers when she started out.

She told NME: ''A lot of it's down to the festival directors and the people they book.

''I think people need to start opening their eyes and ears and realising that there's so much female talent out there. ''Obviously festivals need established talent but it's really important to bring new music into big festivals and to give them an opportunity.

''I remember when I was starting out I had to really push to get some festivals slots and to get people to give me a platform.

''It's really down to the big board of directors to give us a chance because we have a voice but we need to be empowered to use it. It's all really down to that.''