Dua Lipa is ''really superstitious''.

The 'New Rules' hitmaker has set a very specific pre-show ritual because she worries about things going wrong when she steps on stage.

She told V magazine: ''I'm really superstitious. First I'll warm up, drink lots of tea, hang out with my band. If people in the room have anything in their cups, they aren't allowed to cheers. Not just before a show, but ever. Before a show in Stockholm, my band thought it'd be funny to cheers with water before our show. I was so mad at them, and we went on stage and literally everything went wrong. Everything.''

Meanwhile, Dua previously confessed she ''collapsed'' and burst into tears the first time she heard one of her songs on the radio.

Asked if she remembers her first airplay, she shared: ''I do. The first song they played on the radio was 'Be the One'. I knew it was gonna get played on the radio because it was being premiered by Annie Mac. I was in the studio that day, and because I knew exactly what time her radio slot is, I treated myself to a cab and I made sure: 'Please can you turn the radio on?' The whole way home, I had the radio on and I was waiting, and I was waiting, and I was waiting, and they still hadn't played the song. I'd arrived home, I quickly ran through the door, turned the radio on, and the song started playing! I collapsed on the floor and I was in tears, and I just couldn't believe what was happening. It was so exciting.''