Dua Lipa is ''in love'' with her on/off boyfriend Isaac Carew.

The 'IDGAF' hitmaker has had somewhat of a turbulent relationship with her beau - whom she dated for two years until they split in 2017 and rekindled this year - but she has hinted that she's ready to settle down with him now that they've got over their issues.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper, she said: ''I think falling in love is an amazing feeling and I think when you fall in love with the right person, that love will never die.''

However, the 22-year-old singer is adamant falling in love won't stop her from penning feisty break up tracks because she'll just give them to other artists rather than use them herself.

She explained: ''I've written a lot of songs and there's probably more now... I also feel like if someone wants them I'm totally fine with other people having some songs. Sometimes I write songs and instantly when I leave I'm like: 'You know what, it doesn't feel like it's for me.' We need to teach the younger generation more about equality and feminism.''

Dua's relationship hit the headlines shortly after they reconciled because Isaac was seen dancing with a mystery woman, which automatically led to speculation that he'd cheated.

However, he's since insisted that there was no kissing or touchy-feely behaviour going on and he's ''disappointed'' in himself for allowing his actions to be portrayed in that way.

He said: ''There was no kissing and I'm disappointed at myself for even dancing for a brief moment given the way it was portrayed. We are very happy being back together.''

Meanwhile, Dua recently encouraged her fans to get rid of ''toxic people'' from her life after one of her followers reached out to her and asked her for some advice on letting people go.

Dua's fan wrote: ''I think my biggest fear is letting go of people, despite them being so toxic but i'm learning and i'm learning to love myself and love the people who deserve my love. so. thank you. [sic]''

And the 'New Rules' hitmaker replied: ''Oh my darling I think a bigger fear is allowing yourself to stay around toxic people for too long. You'll recognise the good ones its obvious they'll warn you about the bad ones. Trust them even if its the hardest thing you do xx [love heart emojis] [sic]''