Dua Lipa admits she doesn't really like clubbing.

While fans of the 'New Rules' singer may be out hitting the dancefloor to her music, the 22-year-old musician - who is dating Lany frontman Paul Klein - would rather be at home having a dinner party.

Dua told The Sun newspaper: ''I feel like clubs aren't really my scene.

''I think I appreciate it even more now that I travel so much, to just get all of my friends around, have a massive dinner then end up staying up until really late just chatting and catching up about everything.''

The 'Hotter Than Hell' hitmaker may have been in a relationship with US rocker Paul since last summer, but she is not interested in becoming a celebrity power couple.

She said: ''You are never going to win an award for who you are dating. That shouldn't really be important. What matters for me is the music.''

And as well as focusing on her music, Dua revealed becoming a role model to her fans is also very important. So much so that if young girls contact her on social media for advice, they could end up becoming friends.

Dua said: ''I get lots of messages from girls telling me I empower them. It means a lot, it really does. We become friends and if they have issues, they message me on Twitter.

''I tell them that I've been through the same thing. And I'll talk to them as I would my little sister (Rina), or my younger brother (Gjin). I've always tried to set a good example.''

Dua recently said sorry for using the N-word in an old cover of rapper Mila J's 'Smoke, Drink, Break-Up'.

The 'Blow Your Mind' hitmaker recorded a rendition of the explicit 2014 track, but after it resurfaced on YouTube, Dua took to Twitter to tell her 1.3 million followers that she never intended to ''offend'' anyone by singing the rude word.

She wrote: ''In relation to my 2014 cover I never meant to offend or upset anyone. I didn't say the full word but I can admit I shouldn't have gone there at all and that a different word could've been record altogether to avoid offence and confusion. I wasn't thinking it through at the time ... I always stand up for social justice and I am very sorry to anyone that I have offended x (sic)''

On the track, Mila sings: ''You swear to god you ain't f***ing with a n****.''