Dua Lipa has called for greater equality in the music industry.

The 22-year-old singer insisted there needs to be a better representation of female artists amongst performers are award ceremonies, and suggested her contemporaries don't get enough recognition on the prize shortlists.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, she said: ''You want to see a lot more female artists and a lot more awards performances, getting nominated for a lot more awards. I feel like equality in the music industry is something that's needed a lot more.''

The 'New Rules' hitmaker explained how thing are changing, with female pop stars slowly getting rid of the ''stigma'' surrounding them.

She added: ''I feel like for so long there's always been this stigma behind female pop stars. Because when a male pop star comes on the scene, people instantly believe that they write their own songs, that they direct their own videos, that they do all this.

''Whereas if you're a female artist and you're not sat by a piano, or a guitar, or you're not playing an instrument and you're kind of performing a song, people instantly think that you're manufactured and you're no longer kind of authentic to yourself.''

Dua admitted things were improving now after a tough fight for her fellow stars, and they are now in a position to be ''confident'' in themselves without being judged or diminished.

She said: ''I think now, [it's] just come a point in time where we feel very, very confident in our skin and we allow ourselves to be whoever we want to be without the fear of thinking other people are going to diminish that.''