Dappy thinks he would be "boring" if he hadn't taken DRUGS.

The 'Rockstar' singer insists he has cleaned up his act now for the sake of his sons Gino, three, and 14-month-old Milo - his kids with girlfriend Kaye Vassell - but is glad he has had the experiences he has.

He said: "I was never doing drugs to Amy Winehouse's extent but I could've really gone downhill. I could've easily stayed on drugs because I've got the money.

"Of course I'm not [still taking drugs]. I'm fresh and I'm clean. I've got two kids. But if I had none of that past, I'd find myself boring. What would I have to rap about?"

Dappy also insisted he is now faithful to Kaye because he didn't like the "stress" of trying to win her back following his dalliances with other women.

The N-Dubz star told Now magazine: "I've made mistakes. I've cheated. All it does is make you look like a weak person, like you're desperate to get more women because you need more attention. If I just gave myself to everyone, I'd lose my mystique - you can't be available to f**k every Tom, Dick and Harry.

"I knew if I kept on going with these one-night flings, Kaye would leave me. It's so much stress to get her back, all for a cheap thrill. I haven't cheated for a whole year now."