R+B group Dru Hill delighted fans on Thursday (06Mar08) when they announced their reunion live on U.S. radio - only to call off their comeback just 10 minutes later. The How Deep Is Your Love hitmakers made the bizarre appearance on WERQ FM in their native Baltimore, Maryland. The band - with original members Sisqo, Jazz, Nokio and Woody - each introduced themselves before show host Marc Clarke asked Woody to explain how he felt about their reformation. He said: "It feels great to have the brotherhood. I tell these guys, when they see me coming, they can't be in their houseclothes, they can't even really get comfortable, 'cause I'm always snapping pictures. …I'm just loving the brotherhood right now." But his positive attitude soon turned negative as he began to cast doubt on whether they should reunite after all: "But at the same time… I feel like since I left the first time I've just been called by God on an assignment and it's something that I have to do. Honestly, I feel like at this time, y'all guys just got it. "Y'all don't need me to be around physically, so I feel like I'ma go do what God called me to do, which is minister and do my gospel thing. At the same time, I'm with y'all in spirit. I'm with y'all every step of the way." His turnaround shocked the other three members of the group and in video footage of the incident posted online, Sisqo can be seen angrily putting down his headphones and leaving the room, shouting, "Hell no, you could've told us this yesterday. When y'all ready to do this for real, holler at me!" Dru Hill originally disbanded in 2005 after being dropped from their record label Def Soul.