American metal group Drowning Pool have vowed "the show must go on" for their Berlin gig tonight (03JUN04) after frontman JASON 'GONG' JONES sprained his ankle.

The STEP UP singer hurt his ankle earlier today and was brought to the nearest hospital for treatment, but the brave rocker insists he will still perform at the SO36 club in the German capital.

Jones - who replaced late frontman DAVE WILLIAMS in August 2002 - says, "I'll stand there. Real still."

Unlike fellow celebrities, who cancel concerts for minor ailments, the Dallas band are adamant that only serious illness would stop them performing.

Bassist STEVE BENTON explains, "You can't just cancel a gig because he hurt his foot. I don't think anyone would understand that.

"Actually the first night he played with us, we did a little impromptu gig in our home town. That night he jumped of the drum riser and did the same thing, twisted his ankle. He has to go on with it tonight, too. It's tough.

"It's part of it. You can't cancel a gig. Don't work like that. It's maybe when the singer's voice is gone. That or death is the only reason to cancel a show."

03/06/2004 21:02