Heavy rockers Drowning Pool are fighting for returning U.S. soldiers' rights after learning that war heroes are treated dreadfully once their service is over. The group has just returned from a United Services Organisation tour, where they visited and performed for troops in the Middle East. And while there, they gathered information about the soldiers who have returned home - to hardship. Bassist Stevie Benton says, "Once home in the United States, we connected with Iraq/Afghanistan war veterans who have returned home. "Though back on safe shores, these individuals are facing a steep uphill battle to reclaim their health after facing the trauma of war." The group has penned a letter to the public liaison office at The White House, in which the bandmates collectively addressed the issues of healthcare and concerns for the troops on their return home. The letter was reportedly placed in President George W. Bush's personal reading file. The Texas group will visit Washington, D.C. in September (07), when they will testify before Congress.