Drowning Pool rocker STEVIE BENTON is hoping his luck changes in 2008 after ending last year (07) as a victim of theft and serious illness. The bassist was diagnosed with nerve disorder Bell's Palsy in December (07) and then lost four customised Lakeland guitars when the group' were robbed just before Christmas for a second time that year (07). Benton tells ThePulseofRadio.com, "These basses were perfect for me, exactly the way I wanted them and, you know, sentimental value and all that kind of stuff, you know. "I'm putting off going and buying anything else, just in the hopes that I can recover them 'cause, you know, I just want them back. No questions asked, no money issue." Drowning Pool's rehearsal space was also burgeled the day before Thanksgiving (22Nov07). Rock website Blabbermouth.net reports Benton was stricken with Bell's Palsy while playing a show in December (07) - when his face was partially paralysed onstage. Doctors ordered him to rest over Christmas. The band has had it's fair share of tragedy - former singer Dave Williams lost a battle with heart disease in 2002.