98 DEGREES singer Drew Lachey regularly turns down bids to star in a family reality Tv series - because he wants to keep his children grounded and his private life private.

The singer frequently receives lucrative offers to allow cameras into his home to film the drama of his everyday life with wife Lea and their two young kids Hudson and Isabella.

However, the I Do hitmaker, who recently moved the family from Los Angeles back to his native Cincinnati, Ohio, insists no amount of money could make him give up his privacy.

He tells the New York Daily News, "We've been approached for the past eight years and it's something that we struggle with. Obviously you see people with a lot of success doing the reality shows and to me the rewards don't outweigh the risks when doing it.

"I'm very protective of my family and don't want my kids growing up like that. We moved to Ohio to try and give them a normal childhood - we'll keep our private lives private."

Lachey's reality Tv career is currently on hold after he was ejected from hit show Dancing With The Stars last week (ends12Oct12).