Drew Barrymore's ex-husband Tom Green is recovering in Costa Rica, after breaking two ribs in a fishing accident. The Canadian comedian, 34, was fishing on a rocky outcrop in the Central American nation, when a huge wave knocked him into the ocean and slammed him into the rocks. After spending the night in hospital, Green is now recovering at his holiday home. Writing on his website, Green says, "It was like leaning into a freight train. And I was gone. I felt my life flash before my eyes. I had no control. There was nobody there on the beach, it was an isolated Central American spot. "Milliseconds later I slammed hard onto the rocks. And I could feel the cracking of bone. "I stumbled onto the shore. Only a millisecond later now. And I still wasn't sure if I was dead. There was blood on my leg. Blood on my elbow, coming out of a golf ball sized welt. And my ribs clattered in my chest as I gasped for air. "I can't stop help but feeling really lucky, while I am lying in bed in severe pain."